Laser radiation and its effects on the immune system р. 28-35

E.G. Asiryn, P.D. Novikov


Vitebsk State Order of Peoples’ Friendship Medical University, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus


This review article presents the main types of laser light that are used in medicine. The authors set out information about the penetrating power of this physical factor. The paper summarizes data on the response of immune system cells, as well as factors of nonspecific and specific resistance under the influence of laser radiation. The author analyzes the information available in the literature on the effects of laser radiation on the organs of the immune system or of the projection area on the skin that are recommended in the treatment of various diseases to enhance «immunotropic». The data will help to better understand the role of this physical factor and the possibility of its use in immuno-correction in various pathological conditions.


Keywords: immune system, children, physical factor, low level laser therapy, immuno-correction.