Features immunodiagnostics (Part 2) р. 37-44

E.N. Suprun


Scientific and clinical advisory center of an allergology and immunology, Moscow, Russia


Definition of links of the congenital and acquired immunity and their comparison with normal amounts with use of methods of a clinical immunology allows to tap existence of disturbances of the immune status of the patient. Defects of immune system are shown most accurately during its active work. For the correct assessment of an immunogram of the patient it is necessary to know what the immunogram at this person normal is. Assessment of the immune status has to include the maximum list of the tests and indicators characterizing the main stages of activation, a proliferation and a differentiation of lymphocytes, systems of a complement and phagocytosis.


Keywords: immunogram, immune system, immunocompetent cells, immunodeficiency, activation of lymphocytes.