Selective chromotherapy in medical rehabilitation of sickly children p. 36-43

M.A. Khan, E.L. Vakhova, N.A. Lyan, N.A. Mikitchenko


Federal state autonomous institution «Moscow Research Centre of Medical Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine», Moscow Health Department, Moscow, Russia


Acute respiratory diseases are an actual problem of pediatrics. The special attention is paid to children, is frequent and long the ill sharp respiratory diseases. Among various physiotherapeutic influences the special attention in pediatrics is paid to phototherapy as to the most physiologic and sparing method exponentiating effects of drug therapy and increasing immunological resistance of a child’s organism. Mechanisms of action of the polychromatic polarized light are well studied. In this article application of the monochromatic polarized light in complex medical rehabilitation of sickly children is evidence-based.


Keywords: rehabilitation, children, sickly children, selective chromotherapy, polarized light.