Modern technology assessment of climate and weather information for optimizing the methods of climatotherapy in complex sanatorium treatment of children with bronchial asthma p. 20-24

A.I. Uyanaeva 1, Yu.Yu. Tupitsyina 1, I.M. Chukina 2, G.A. Maksimova 3


1 Federal state autonomous institution «Moscow Research Centre of Medical Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine», Moscow Health Department, Moscow, Russia

2 Sanatorium complex «Vulan», Gelendzhik, Russia

3 Meteorological Office of Moscow and Moscow region, Moscow, Russia


Among the natural healing factors important place belongs to bio-climatic resources, which are present at each resort, regardless of their profile. Turning climatotherapy methods in medical and rehabilitation programs have a positive impact on the psycho-emotional state, contribute to the back-up capacity and nonspecific resistance. One of the basic conditions for the effective application of climatic factors in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation is the knowledge of the physiological mechanisms of their action on the body, as the impact of climate and weather cause responses. For rational and scientifically sound assessment of the use of climate-needed weather conditions derived from meteopoint or modern medical and meteorological systems that monitor weather conditions in real time. Perform automated medicalmeteorological monitoring micro-climatic conditions of the territory of a sanatorium complex «Vulan» (Gelendzhik) allowed us to determine bioclimatic potential and the most comfortable weather conditions aerotherapy (air bath) and heliotherapy (sun baths) in the seasonal aspect. Complex use klimatotherapeutic factors in the sanatorium treatment of children with asthma, significantly reduced the number of exacerbations caused by the weather and promote positive changes in the structure of the manifestations meteosensitivity.


Keywords: climatotherapy, automated medicalmeteorological complex, asthma.