Possibilities to use allergen-specific immunotherapy of respiratory allergy in «often ill children» р. 22-28

B.A. Molotilov, N.U. Alekseeva, A.I. Kozina, E.M. Kostina


Penza Institute of Advanced Medical Studies, Penza, Russia


Aim of the study: to investigate the efficacy of specific sublingual immunotherapy in combination with immunomodulatories in «often ill children» with allergic diseases. We examined 52 children (allergic rhinitis – 11 patients, bronchial asthma – 33 and seasonal allergical rhinitis – 8) with recurrent infection and studies effect of specific sublingual immunotherapy. Before specific immunotherapy we have studied immune disorders in «often ill children» and used for them immunocorrecting therapy. In 76,9% patients specific immunotherapy was efficacy.


Keywords: specific immunotherapy, «often ill children», allergic diseases, immune disorders