P. 28-34

V.A. Revyakina, E.D. Kuvshinova, I.A. Larkova, V.A. Mukhortykh, P.O. Kravtszova

Federal Research Centre of Nutrition and Вiotechnology, Moscow, Russia

Patients suffering from food allergy/ food intolerance of eggs need alternative products that do not cause allergic reactions. The purpose of the research: to evaluate guinea fowl egg and meat tolerance among children with chicken egg and meat allergy. There has been conducted single-centre prospective research into intolerance of the products. Appearance or increase in skin or gastrointestinal allergic symptoms was registered; the concentration of specific IgE antibodies against chicken egg and meat in blood serum was assessed. As alternative products, the children were offered guinea fowl egg and meat; these products were given to them during 14 days. In the

research 40 children (23 girls and 17 boys) from the age of 8 months to 1.5 years old took part; all children were diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, one of its triggers was chicken egg. Exacerbation of skin allergy was connected with eating chicken egg, which was confirmed by the results of the allergy examination. 28 children (70.0%) were diagnosed as having the mild form of atomic dermatitis, while 12 patients (30.0%) had the moderate form of atomic dermatitis. At the beginning of the research the patients were divided into 2 equal groups (each group of 20 patients). The first group consisted of the children aged 8 moths – 1.5 years old who received 1/2 guinea fowl egg every other day. The second group consisted of the patients aged 1.5–3 years old who received 60–90 grams fowl egg meat per day. The research has revealed that the children showed tolerance of guinea fowl egg and meat, the majority of the patients did not experience any skin or gastrointestinal allergic reactions. It has also been shown that at the end of the research the majority of the children (73.3%) had a decrease in concentration of specific IgE antibodies against chicken egg and meat in blood serum. According to the allergy examination, 8 children (26.7%) experienced an increase in skin sensitization to chicken egg and meat, which coincided with exacerbation of skin allergy. Thus, the examined products can be used as alternative products for those children who suffer from food allergy/ food intolerance of chicken egg and meat.

Keywords: food allergy, atopic dermatitis, children, egg, alternative products, specific IgE antibodies.