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E.L. Vakhova1,2, M.A. Khan1,2, N.A. Lyan1,2, N.A. Mikitchenko1, E.V. Novikova1,2


1 Moscow Scientific Practical Centre of Medical Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine of Moscow Department of  Healthcare, Moscow, Russia

2 I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia of Moscow Department of  Healthcare, Moscow, Russia


Development of preventive direction is one of the most significant and socially important issues in pediatrics. Emphasis should be placed on children tending to have acute respiratory infections.

Among natural physical factors climatotherapy, the main methods of which are aerotherapy, heliotherapy and thalassotherapy. Speleotherapy is one of the forms of children recovery by a long stay in microclimate of caves, salt mines, grottoes etc. Various kinds of hydrotherapy are used widely in children’s recovery: baths, showers, dousing, rubdowns, compresses. Balneotherapy is one of the principal methods and bases on the effects of mineral and gas water for external and internal use.

In recent years among drug-free technologies method of halotherapy, which is carried out using halochambers, halorooms, individual haloinhalators. Moreover, aromaphytotherapy, biocontrolled aeroionotherapy, normobaric hipoxytherapy and different forms of phototherapy are included actively in programmes of medical rehabilitation.

Leading method of nonspecific resistance improvement is hardening.The new technology of hardening the child’s body by feet cryomassage was developed and scientifically validated. It causes release of biologically active substances by stimulating feet reflex zones , causing in the subsequent wide range of physiological changes.

Wide range of drug-free health technologies allows to elaborate individual prophylaxis programmes and implement them in all stages of recovery (therapeutic and prophylactic, educational institutions; sanatoriums and health resorts, different types of recreational camps, domestic conditions).


Keywords: сhildren, rehabilitation, respiratory infections, recovery, climatotherapy, speleotherapy, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, halotherapy, aromaphytotherapy, aeroionotherapy, atmiatrics, phototherapy, cryomassage.