Sending a submission authors entrust the publishing office to reveal it through publication.

Submitting articles authors acknowledge that if it is accepted for publication copyright thereto shall be transferred to the publishing office and the latter shall have the exclusive proprietary rights to use the submission including authors’ photographs, pictures, schemes, tables and other copyright-protected items included thereinto. Authors shall transfer the above rights to the publishing office for an indefinite term worldwide. Rights to the submissions shall be deemed to have been transferred by the authors after printing deadline of an issue of the magazine which it is published in.

Publishing office shall be entitled to delegate the authors’ rights to the third persons as well as to bar the third persons from using the published materials anyway.

Authors shall warrant that they have exclusive rights to use the materials submitted to the publishing office. In case of breach of this warranty and subsequent lodging a claim against the publishing office authors shall independently and at his/her own expense settle the said claims. Publishing office shall not be liable to the third persons for breach of authors’ warranties.

Authors shall retain the right to use the published materials for personal (including scientific and academic) needs.

Publishing office shall retain the right to reproduce the articles, abstracts, and summaries thereof on the Internet (in particular on the magazine web-site, in the electronic databases) as well as to reprint the articles and other information materials based thereon; to translate the published materials into foreign languages; to export and to import issues of the magazine containing authors’ publications.

Materials published in the magazine shall be only reprinted by other individuals and legal entities subject to written consent of the publishing office specifying mandatory reference to the issue of the magazine which the material was published in and year of issue.