Guidelines for preparation of materials submitted to the publishing office

In accordance with the Regulation on Inclusion of Scientific Magazines into Russian Science Citation Index each article shall contain the following data:

  1. Name of the article in Russian and in English.
  2. Author credentials:

— Authors’ name, patronymic, surname in Russian.

— For all the authors initials and surname in English.

— Full entity’s name (each author’s work place), country, city/town in Russian and in English.

— Each author’s position, academic degree, and academic title (if any) may be specified in Russian only.

— Contact details (any author’s e-mail is enough).

  1. Synopsis of the article in Russian and in English.
  2. Crucial words and passages (not more than 5-7) in Russian and in English.
  3. Subject-oriented column (code) – UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) and/or GRNTI (State Classifier of Scientific and Technical Information), and/or VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) code (in accordance with the current nomenclature of academic specialists’occupation).
  4. Article-related references and/or lists of reference materials shall be drawn up in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008. Bibliographic reference. General Requirements and Drafting Rules.

In original articles authors may not quote more than 30 sources, in literature reviews – more than 50, in lectures and other materials – more than 15.

When doing original articles and reviews reference to the articles published during the last 5 years is highly appreciated.

References to unpublished works shall not be allowed.

References shall be numbered in the course of quoting.

In submissions sequential numbers of references to the literature shall be put in brackets in strict compliance with the bibliographical references.

Bibliographical references shall be specified on an individual page. 

Peculiarities of execution of original articles

Original articles shall mandatorily contain the following sections:

— Preamble (urgency of an issue, research rationale);

— Target of research;

— Research methods;

— Research results;

— Evaluation of results, findings (conclusion).

Peculiarities of illustrating

Articles may include diagrams, tables, schemes, photographs, pictures. Note that the photographs and pictures will be black-and-white.

The illustrations shall comply with the text.

Photographs and pictures shall be clear. Acceptable format of the files: *.tif, jpg (300 dpi).

There shall be mandatorily specified sequential numbers and names of the illustrations in strict compliance with the references in the text.

Illustrations shall be placed on individual pages.

Peculiarities of description of medicines

When describing medicines there shall be used international non-proprietary names, tradenames shall be only allowed in extraordinary circumstances.

Technical guideline for submission

Submission shall be prepared using Word.  

Font setting: font type – Times New Roman; font size – 12 points; colour – black; scale – 100%.

Page setting: size – А4; interline – 1.5; margins: head and bottom – 2.5 cm, left – 3.5 cm; right – 1.5 cm; page numbering – mandatory, upper right corner.

Total amount of information shall not exceed 12 pages.