Major requirements to the materials submitted to the publishing office

Subject of the publication shall be related to pediatric allergology and/or immunology (pediatric oncology, pediatric rheumatology, pediatric transplantology, pediatric infections, vaccination and other areas of pediatry from the point of view of immunology).

Original articles, reviews, case reports, discussion materials, lectures, practical notes, readers’ reports, comments on the conventions, conferences and other meetings, letters to the editor, short messages, abstracts from foreign authors’ articles shall be admitted for publication.

The materials shall not be earlier published in or brought to any other editions for publication. The exception is provided by processed and complemented materials.

Submissions sent to the publishing office shall be accompanied by no conflict confirmation and a supporting letter signed by all the authors specifying name of the article and authors’ details:

— name, patronymic, surname (in full);

— academic degree, academic title (if any);

— work place (full name) and position;

— work place address (in full);

— contact details (telephone number and e-mail) of the author with which the editors shall discuss the issued concerning publication.

All the authors shall be fully liable for the published data. The publishing office shall not be liable for authenticity of the information provided by the authors.

Publication of any information enabling to identify any patient (written descriptions, photographs, genealogical table) shall be prohibited unless it is of great scientific value and the patient (or his/her parents/legal representatives) gives his/her written consent thereto. Minor details enabling to identify the patient shall not be mentioned. However there shall not be allowed either to distort or to falsify the data for anonymization. As a rule complete anonymization is quite difficult to achieve (for example, a black stripe above the patient’s eyes on the photograph cannot guarantee anonymization), which is why in case of any doubts it is recommended to inform the patient and to obtain his/her consent to publication of the available materials.