Приветствие зарубежных коллег

September 16, 2003
   Dear Dr. Smolkin,

My colleagues and I would like to congratulate you and the Editorial Board on the publication of the very first issue of your new Journal. The creation of a scientific journal focusing on modern aspects and problems of pediatric immunology and allergy is very timely. The new Journal will be an excellent venue for publication and exchange of ideas for a growing community of scientists and clinicians in Russia, Europe and around the world. A growing body of novel findings has forced us to reconsider many dogmas that currently govern our understanding of the regulation and function of the immune system. New hypotheses and experimental results are leading to the development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of infectious, autoimmune and malignant diseases. At the same time, we all appreciate the lack of laboratory and clinical data related to etiology, pathogenesis and therapy of immunology-related diseases in young patients. Your Journal will not only serve as a necessary link between researchers and clinicians, but will also accelerate dissemination of research on the development and clinical application of novel therapeutic approaches for treatment of immunodeficiency, autoimmunity and allergic diseases in the pediatric population.

We wish your Journal a bright future, broad scientific audience and instantly recognizable success.

Olivera J. Finn, Ph.D;Professor and Chair;Department of Immunology;

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Dmitry I. Gabrilovich, MD, PhD;Associate Professor of Oncology; Immunology Program, University of South Florida.

 Sergei P. Pshenichkin, MD, PhD;Assistant Professor of Pharmacology; Georgetown University;

Bruce S. Rabin, MD, PhD;Professor of Pathology;Health Enhancement Program;University of Pittsburgh Physicians.

Galina V. Shurin, MD, PhD;Assistant Professor of Pathology;University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Gurkamal Chatta, MD;Associate Professor of Medicine;University of Pittsburgh Physicians.

Michael Vanyukov, PhD;Associate Professor of Medical Genetics; University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy.

Elisaer Gorelik, MD, PhD;Professor of Pathology and Immunology; University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center.